The name Karanavar is given to the senior most male member of Meppallil Illom. He should be the one who has completed successfully the three Ashramas and lives in the fourth, which is Sanyasam. The Karanavar should be qualified enough to teach and guide his disciples and forthright in taking right decisions.

Former Karanavar
Bhrama Sri Narayanaru Narayanaru – the former Karanavar was the soul and spirit of Sree Nagaraja Swami Temple, Vetticode. He passed away in 1972 and lives in eternity. Even now his vision and spiritual insights govern, console and bless us. His descendants are Sri Parmeswaran Nampoothiri, Sri Muraleedharan Nampoothiri and Sri Vikraman Nampoothiri.

Present Karanavar
The present Karanavar is Sri Parameswaran Nampoothiri – the elder son of the former Karanavar. His life is certainly a thapas, dedicating his life to the betterment of Sree Nagaraja Swami Temple. Parameswaran Nampoothiri became the present Karanavar in 1972. Even at the age of 76, he undertakes all duties related to the temple. 

Professionally he was a teacher. He considered his profession as an art. From the inspiration of this art, he became the Headmaster of Sree Nagaraja Vilasam U.P.S. which is under the management of the temple. After his retirement, he considered Nagapooja and Nagaradhana as athapas and he leads a saintly life, even today. Through long-term penance and Nagaradhana, he refined his physique and enlightened his soul. Thousands of devotees visit him on a daily basis.


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