Legend says that this sanctum sanctorum was consecrated by Lord Parasurama, son of sage Muni Jamadhagni. The state manual of Nagamayya evidenced that the only Naga Temple is said to be at Vetticode near Kayamkulam, Alappuzha District in Kerala.

Lord Parasurama killed the Kshatriyas, the then rulers twenty one times and seized their lands and gave them to sage Kashyapa. The land was not fit to live and as per the request of sage Kashyapa, Lord Parasurama restored a vast portion of land from the sea, leading to the genesis of a land called Kerala and entrusted the Brahmins to live on. But due to the abundant deposit of ‘Lavana and Ore’ the land was not fertile. The Brahmins pleaded with Lord Parasurama to make the land fertile enough, following which Lord Parasurama entered into a deep meditation in the higher reaches of the mountain – Gandhamadhana. The Serpent God – Anantha, please with Lord Parasurama appeared before him and asked him to seek a boon. Parasurama requested Anantha to make the land fertile. Lord Anantha, then directed the Nagas (serpents) to suck out the unwanted elements or contents from the land and thus turned the land into a fertile one.

As a token of reward and gratefulness Lord Parasurama heaped a small portion of land by using his axe and consecrated the idol of Lord Anantha on it. Lord Brahma noted the muhoortham (auspicious time) and Lord Siva received the muhoortha dakshina (token reward). Thus the presence of the Trinity – Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Siva is very much part of the Sree Nagaraja Swami Temple at Vetticode. The name Vetticode owes its origin to the manner in which Lord Parasurama heaped up the sand by using his axe. It is believed to be the first Naga Prathishtta (consecration of Snake God’s idol) in this land and thus the concept of Aadimoolam.


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